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UserHeat: Free Heatmap Analytics Tool


How do you detect the attention specifc areas receive?
Pattern recognition and mechanical learning are applied to the collected mousewheel and cursor movement, considered with the current size of the browser window.
Do you examine user behavior via webcam?
No. The service is based on mouse tracking via JavaScript
Are there any privacy risks?
No. We do not collect keyboard input or any personal information.
Are there any sites that can not use this service?
The service depends on being able to add arbitrary JavaScript. Therefore, it isn't possible to use this system on many social services, like blogs and Twitter.
What kind of sites that can use this service?
Typical websites that are made with HTML and updated using FTP. It's also possible to use it at blogging websites like WordPress and Movable Type.
Can I measure activity on sites using Flash content and inline frames?
It is not possible to collect data on these kinds of sites.
Please tell me where to put the HTML code.
Just before the closing HEAD tag of your HTML.
I wasn't able to install the tag successfully, can you help?
Apologies, but for this system offered for free of charge, we can't respond to individual support inquiries.
Is it possible to ensure others cannot view the collected results?
It is impossible for this service. However, our paid service User Insight allows viewing of private results.
I selected Smartphone results, but the PC page is being shown.
Occasionally the PC screen will appear. When you'd like to see a smartphone results on a PC, please manually change your browser's user agent string to that of a smartphone.
Is there an upper limit to the number of the URLs which can be analyzed?
Up to 1000 URLs can be analyzed.
When there is PV where 1 is how much per a page, is data output?
You need the 200-300PV degree to per page.
Should the beacon HTML code be added to the top page only?
You need to add the beacon HTML code to all pages you'd like to analyze.
Is it necessary to install the beacon HTML code onto separate contents for every page?
No. It's possible just to install the beacon HTML code onto the content once and analyze each page separately.
Is it possible to ask how to use the service?
We can only respond to inquires about bugs and system availability.
Can I plug your service on news, magazines or blogs?
Of course! Feel free to tell whoever you like about us.
Does the analysis guarantee what visitors are looking at?
The results approximate an eye tracking system by guessing from mouse movement data. There is a possibility that a visitor's actual gaze is different from the actual mouse movement.