UserHeat : Terms of Use

UserHeat: Free Heatmap Analytics Tool

Terms of Use

Before using Userheat, please be sure to check the below.

General Rule
UserLocal, Inc takes part in the following agreement to the user and offers "UserHeat".We'll assume that the user of our service agrees to our agreement by use starting of service and equality continuation. When you can't agree, please cancel to use it promptly.

These UserHeat Terms of Service (this "Agreement") are entered into by UserLocal, Inc. ("UserLocal") and the entity executing this Agreement ("You"). This Agreement governs Your use of the UserHeat (the "Service").
About The User Registration

To register for the Service, You must complete the registration process. And you need to register your site at "site registering"page to user analytics service.

You must provide current, complete and accurate information. When offered information was inaccurate, we assume that UserHeat has an end of use of the access analysis made with the ID for the user or the ID name of the user and the right to refuse use of this service for the future.

Privacy Protection

Privacy is respected and UserHeat is protecting. Personal information such as the name of the visitor, a mail address, the actual age and the gender isn't being possessed.

Collecting User Information

UserHeat collects information to offer comfortable service only.

  • The document and the picture in UserHeat produced and other things, we assume that a copyright of a total work belongs to UserLocal.
  • It's possible to manage UserHeat in the third person who has trust for the purpose of service improvement and take support over.
Attention Point On The Use

"UserHeat" prohibit about the following act. We assume that you aren't supposed to do the act relevant to each number in the following in case of use of this service.When the user did these acts, we assume that we can have the crackdown which judges that all of contents or a certain elimination and so on our site is necessary immediately without preliminary notice to the user concerned, and we assume that it's possible to have a crackdown for a use stop of this service including cancellation of the user qualification of the user concerned all together. But, we aren't under the obligation to eliminate the data relevant to one of them in each number in the following.

  • The act which violates this agreements
  • The act which violates a decree, the act which promotes a law violation or act with those fears
  • Use this service illegality, a pinprick, defamation of character, criticism to others and a corporation of other groups, others' invasion of privacy, a threat and a claim of others' intellectual properties and others are invaded or for the purpose of sending and receiving the contents with its possibility.
  • Assets of other users, third person or us, honor, the act which invades trust, privacy, a copyright, a publicity right and a claim of service mark right and other things, the act which promotes an invasion or act with those fears
  • The act to which a troublesome message of spam mail, chain mail, invitation and advertisement is sent
  • The act which exhibits false data or contributes intentionally
  • Something others defame, something by which slanders others and something including the discriminatory contents
  • Plain sex expression, underground site, adult site and opening to the public of obscene image information. Link act to a site concerned
  • Use this service for the purpose of collection of personal information.
  • Use this service for the purpose that it's on the illegality or the boundary line. Violate it with everything of the domestic and abroad law and regulation which can be related.
  • The act that access unfairly without a right about the system connected to this service, interference act and the act to which I cause a damage
  • The act by which resale of this service use also uses this service for the business purpose
  • The election activity that you conflict in the public office election law
  • The act which will be other users or third persons
  • The act which becomes obstruction of operation of this service or the act by which UserLocal judged that the fear was here
  • Using this service, the act which interferes with other members' using this service.The act which causes a damage to other members
  • The act which manages the ID and the password UserLocal. issues through "UserHeat" by own responsibility and makes a third person use
  • Multiple registration by identical theft and the act to which the identical title and the identical contents contribute manifoldly
  • The act which falsifies an offer of inaccurate information by the registration form or the case that one is a mailer of a message or a maker to the other users
  • Slander to other users or third persons, slur and the act to which disadvantage is given.
  • Using the user's status, performed following doing business and troublesome act
  • The contribution and the remark which had only advertisement of a web site.
  • The act to which a network business and the pyramid scheme relation contribute
  • Additionally the act UserLocal judges to be unsuitable
Relation between you and UserLocal

When trouble and trouble occurred between the user, user low Cal. doesn't have the total responsibility.

UserLocal eliminates the information sent and received through service in ex post fact way by its judgement, and deprivation of a user identification is refused the user concerned, and UserLocal don't have that and we assume that UserLocal possess the authority to erase user registration.

Limit of responsibility

UserLocal assume that what kind of threat and slur by others to what kind of user have no kind of responsibility to a pinprick, insult and an invasion of an illegal act or a claim others including intellectual property right possess obscenely in UserLocal.

UserLocal does not have the responsibility about loss of no kind of data which formed by what kind of cause of the elimination of a message, the network, the breakdown of a system, the file damage and the others by UserHeat.

The user agrees for whether the suspension which accompanies indirectly directly and it's those to every kind of damage which is important, includes chastising damage and isn't limited to those especially, the suspension and the end UserHeat causes by suspension of service, suspension and an end are proper not to shoulder the responsibility in spite of an error, intention and accident.

On the nature of the internet, the reliability of the system and protection of security are limited. Please don't put important information and the information which should never be known to the 3rd person (personal information) on confirmation information on the contract relation and money transfer. UserLocal don't also meet the loss of data, the garble and the compensation for damages by prevention and a leak.

Even if UserLocal have that because of system trouble, UserLocal aren't under a convalescent obligation of data. UserLocal take precautionary measures in case of operation of service, but when a stop of service and the user's data loss occurred by unexpected accident and cracking act, the obligation isn't owed to all damage which occurs by that.

End of the service

This service is suspended without announcing beforehand.

An abuse of this service and the occasion with the misuse finish giving the service. Moreover when being not used periodically, you eliminate the relevant ID without notification of audit.

Additional agreement

This agreement is revised by UserLocal who refuses the user and cries. When this agreement is revised by UserLocal substantially, user assume that UserLocal is under the obligation to announce the effect to the user.


This agreement starts September 1st, 2009.