What is heatmaps? | UserHeat: Free Heatmap Analytics Tool

UserHeat: Free Heatmap Analytics Tool

Free Heatmap Analytics - Visualize user behavior

Heatmaps are graphical overlays of your website which finds out which contents are hot or not. Heatmaps analysis does not need high analytics skills, it's easy and intuitive even inexperienced marketers.

5 Heatmaps to improve user experience

UserHeat provides 5 kinds of heatmaps, “Attention heatmaps“, “click analysis”,”scroll depth”,”leaving area”, and “mouse movement”. It is all free and easy to improve customer experience.


Visualize how much attention a specific area gets. The parts which are often seen becomes red.

Attention Heatmap


Find out exactly how far your visitors scroll, and what point visitors abandon the page.

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Click Heatmap

Click Heatmap shows you what is being clicked on your site

Click Heatmap

Mouse movement

Find out exactly what visitors are looking at and what they focus on within your webpages, based on their mouse movements

Mouse Heatmap


Leaving area is possible to analyze how many percent of user left by which pixel of a page. It's useful for understanding which contents the user stopped to scroll.

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It's completely free until 300,000PV per month

Though it's all free, you can measure many number of pages and page view.
UserHeat provides monthly 1,000,000 pageviews per site.

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